Public Speaking Coach

Julia was integral in helping me refine my presentation skills. Her hands-on classes, tailored homework, and thoughtful feedback allowed me to reflect on how I verbally project myself. I was able to adjust my speech and body language to narrate stories and ideas with clarity and confidence.
— Vanessa, 3x3 Urban Planning

Your voice can be a powerful tool. Whether you are giving a presentation, a speech, or an interview, public speaking training is an invaluable step to presenting your best self. My training pulls from my decade of experience in live theatre to create speakers who are clear, concise, and confident. Exercises help to improve breathing, vocal quality, and physical presence. With a focus on the importance of narrative, I will help you get your story across to any audience. 

One-on-One Coaching 

Perfect for that big work presentation or your next TED talk, one on one training is the fastest way to improve your public speaking abilities. You will get specific feed back, tools, and home work from your individual session. 

Partnered Coaching 

Want to improve your presence and presentation abilities as a team? Partnered coaching allows you to learn through doing and observing. This specific forum also comes with partnered homework exercises to continue your practice long after our sessions are complete. 

Group Workshops 

Group workshops cover the basics of public speaking, providing tools for strengthening your public appearances organization wide. These unique collective exercises will provide techniques for expression and vocabulary for peer feedback.  

Contact for rates and schedules. 

Julia worked as my coach when I was preparing to give a speech to an international audience with hundreds of professionals from Europe, the Middle-East, Asia and North America. There were so many ways Julia taught me to make my presentation more compelling and artful. She taught me to start with breathing, then helped me rehearse gesture and voice so that the audience would find the speech compelling. The training led to an amazing speech that eclipsed the other presentations that relied mostly on slides and content while my talk used dramatic elements. You could hear the buzz in the audience afterward and subsequent speakers kept referring back to the talk. The evaluations afterward showed that this talk was very highly rated. I have Julia to thank for that.
— Jonathan, Institute for Alternative Futures

Julia listened to what my major concerns were about sounding confident and structured our session around what I wanted. We used my name and title to practice speaking in an unapologetic manner, which helped me fully take command of the room on presentation day.
— Maggie, Truman National Security Project