February  7th

Small among infinite stars

By Matthew Minnicino and the collective 

presented at Guild Hall by the Box Collective


A triptych of interlaced interrogations of explosive, uncomfortable, radiant womanhood -- torn from the corridors of fact, the high towers of fantasy, and the endless night sky of pure fiction. 3 women. 3 stories. Inspired by Shakespeare's Macbeth.


April 12–29 


By William Shakespeare 

Produced by The Horse In Motion 


Something is rotten in the state of our world. And when faced with this moment of moral crisis, the actions we take - or don’t take - define us. In this immersive, multi-room staging of Hamlet, two actors take on each character, as identities are cracked apart, stories diverge and intersect, and the consequences of our actions are laid terrifyingly bare.


Bullet Catchers

Created by Maggie Moore and Julia SEars

Written by the women in combat theatre project



They live and die on the frontlines and carry this nickname like a badge of honor. It’s a sacrifice that few are willing to make. The honorable men who volunteer for this service don’t take it lightly. Neither do the women.

Set in the not too distant future, Bullet Catchers follows the first official mixed gender infantry unit in the U.S. Army, from training to deployment. In the throes of war, they must face what it means to be a soldier, a unit, and a part of history.  

Told in part through dance, music, and poetry, Bullet Catchers is a new, collaboratively written play based on interviews with current service members and veterans, as well as members of our own ensemble.